Monday, February 2, 2015

stims: days 2-4

Saturday after my first shots, I woke up with a pounding headache. It was bad. Really bad. I was sitting in my sister's chair as she was highlighting my hair and I just felt like a zombie. Unfortunately, I was still feeling bad on Friday from having the flu and I had taken the maximum amount of Tylenol I could take in 24 hours, so I couldn't take any until 11 am Saturday. The Tylenol helped for a few hours thank God! I was able to go hang out with friends' housewarming party without feeling miserable.  We had to leave the party early to go do my shots. Not long after, the headache was back. I bought some Tylenol PM and look a long bath and went to bed!

Sunday morning I woke up praising God for no headache! It stayed gone all day. 

This morning I had an appointment for an ultrasound and bloodwork and they said everything looks just like it should and very "uniform." They lowered my dose of Follistim from 150 IU to 75 IU and added on Ganirelix. So now I'm up to 3 shots a day! Luckily they don't hurt at all, and my husband has been a great nurse. :)

I can't believe tomorrow will already be day 5 of stims! It's going by so quickly! 

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