Sunday, February 15, 2015

embryo transfer/ the best valentine's day ever

I really don't even know where to start today other than saying that yesterday was the best Valentine's day EVER.

The embryo transfer process was super quick. We got to the hospital and they had me put on a hospital gown and sit in bed and check me in. I swear I was about to pee on myself because they told me to arrive with a full bladder. I arrived with an over full, almost exploding bladder. They said they would empty it AFTER the transfer. Oh goodness, I was just praying I didn't pee on my doctor during the transfer because I had to pee so bad! Luckily the embryologist came in not long after and gave us the great news and the picture you see above- our 2 perfect little embryos!! She said that they were excellent grade and that she will call the next day to let us know how many we will have to freeze (probably 2 or 3). She gave me some Valium to relax me and my uterus and said that it would only be about 10 more minutes until they bring us to the back for the transfer! At that point, Larry got himself geared up and of course we had to take some pictures!

(our first picture as a family of four!)

They came in and brought us to the room where the transfer was and it all went by so quickly and smoothly. I swear we were probably in there for 5 minutes tops. Larry said that it was the most amazing experience getting to watch everything. He saw Dr. Storment insert the catheter and then the syringe with our embies and put them through. I watched the ultrasound screen and you could see 2 teeny tiny little dots move on it once our embryos were home inside me. And that was it!  Dr. Storment even said that he would quit his job if I don't get pregnant because everything went so smoothly and perfectly!! How amazing is it that we get to know the exact moment that God blesses us with a child (or 2)? Then, they brought me back into our hospital room and I had to lay flat for 15 minutes before we could go. 

After leaving the hospital, Larry and I went to this sweets place called Indulge. I'm on bed rest for 2 days so I couldn't get out, but I told him to surprise me with something. He came back with a Mardi Gras cupcake and 2 chocolate covered cookie dough balls. Good choices for sure! Since we were in the area, Larry wanted to show me the farm house he grew up in since his family is about to sell it. So we drove out there and he reminisced a bit before we headed home. 

We hung out a bit at home, then Larry went to the gym while I took a 2 hour nap. I think it's the Progesterone shots that I'm taking now making me so so tired all the time. When he came home from the gym he had some chocolates, red box movies, and 2 roses for me. He said it was to represent each of our little embryos! I guess he is sweet to me sometimes ;)

We finished off the day with Larry grilling some burgers for us and watching Maleficent together. Despite being on bed rest, it was the perfect Valentine's day. I still can't believe that as of right now, I am a twin mama. God's hands have definitely been in all of this and with us through it all. We are so entirely blessed. Praying for a positive pregnancy test on the 23rd!

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  1. Hey danielle! I wa searching for this blog because I was wondering if you had been doing updates but I couldn't find it lol so that's why I asked you on IG. This is so exciting!!!!! hope everything goes as planned <3