Wednesday, July 29, 2015

17 weeks


How far along? 17  weeks +  2 days

Baby is the size of a: Navel Orange (and I'm coincidentally wearing orange this week! haha!)

Total weight gain: Not sure!

Maternity clothes? Mainly just bottoms, but I did wear a maternity tank that my mom got me and it accentuated the bump nicely might I say. :)

Sleep: Not too bad!

Best moment this week: Shopping for baby girl! I went to a kids consignment store and found her 6 little outfits for only $13! I went back there today and got some headbands for 50 and 75 cents each. Good thing I'm a bargain shopper or we'd be going broke over this girl!

Miss Anything? Nope.

Cravings: None still!

Symptoms: Same ole same ole. Not much new happening with my body this week. 

Looking forward to: Planning my baby showers!

Ps. Remember my last week's "looking forward to" was finding out baby's gender?! Now you all see that I was saying that to throw y'all off hahah.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's a.... GIRL!

We planned on having a small gender reveal party in about a month or so. My doctor said that my next ultrasound would be at 18-20 weeks, so that's when we'd be able to find out baby's gender. Well a couple Saturdays ago, I was sitting at work alone and I was thinking about my sweet baby. Oh how I wanted to know who he/she was SO bad. I wanted to call him/her by name (and start shopping of course!). I thought about it and I decided I didn't want to wait anymore! I called Larry and asked him what he thought about going to one of those ultrasound places and finding out baby's gender the next week. He's impatient like me, so he was all in!

Instead of a gender reveal party, we thought we'd surprise our family and announce it to them. So, I went ahead and made our ultrasound appointment for Thursday, July 23rd. We planned on announcing it at my birthday dinner the Saturday after.

Well, Monday, July 20th rolled around and it was Larry and I's 2 year wedding anniversary! I was on a Tuesday to Saturday schedule so I had the day off. Larry works from home, so he's pretty much off when he wants to be. So, Monday morning we were trying to think of something fun to do for our anniversary. Larry suggested a couples massage, but they were closed. Then I got to thinking and decided to call the ultrasound place to see if they had any openings today. Turns out they're usually closed on Mondays, but they were going to be there for another couple, so they told us to come on in!

When we started out the ultrasound, baby was upside-down and asleep. She was all curled up and looked so sweet.

We even got a sneak peak at the 3D/4D ultrasound!

Within 5 minutes of the ultrasound, the tech told us it was a girl! We weren't at all surprised as that it what we both thought baby was from the start! Turns out mama and daddy's intuition was right. :)

We tried to wake baby girl up to get a better view of her, and she turned over and put her legs in her face! My tiny dancer is working on her flexibility already!

Oh yeah, and we didn't end up waiting until my birthday dinner on Saturday to tell our family! Can you tell we're just the most patient people ever? haha :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

16 weeks / 4 months

16 WEEKS 2

Ok so this week's picture is a total fail! You can barely see my number or my bump! 

How far along? 16  weeks +  2 days

Baby is the size of a: Avocado

Total weight gain: Idk! Apparently my scale is wrong compared to the scale at the doctor's office. They said that I've gained 5 lbs since my last appointment 4 weeks ago. So am I supposed to start over from that number and go up from there? 

Maternity clothes? Bottoms only. 

Sleep: Getting better! My back is still hurting in my sleep but not as bad and as often.

Best moment this week: Sooo I think I may have felt my first flutters on Monday night! I was laying on the couch and Larry was sitting next to me as we watched The Bachelorette and I'm pretty sure that's what it was. It happened again at around the same time on Tuesday night too.

Miss Anything? Can't think of anything this week!

Cravings: None.

Symptoms: Lots of indigestion at night. Sometimes it's so bad it makes me nauseated. So goodbye morning sickness, hello night sickness? Also this week I've noticed that all of a sudden I am widening. My hips are huge! Even my athletic shorts/pants are too tight! Sooo weird. Not something I was expecting to happen! My mom says that this is a sign that baby is a girl. My acne has been bad this week too. My co-worker says that "girls steal your beauty" so we have yet another sign of a baby girl!

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender of this baby!

And since this week's picture sucks, here is a better representation of the bump. I woke up Friday morning and suddenly I finally look pregnant!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

15 weeks


How far along? 15  weeks +  2 days

Baby is the size of a: Pear

Total weight gain: -2 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight

Maternity clothes? Only bottoms. 

Sleep: Two thumbs down. I've always been a side sleeper. Always. But now that I HAVE to sleep on my side, all I want to do is sleep on my back! I read that you shouldn't sleep on your back in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, and ever since then I wake up multiple times per night ON MY BACK and I stress out, but my side hasn't been comfortable lately. My snoogle pillow wasn't helping quite at first, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it now.

Best moment this week: Thrifting with mom on Monday. Baby even scored a few goodies- some books and little toys! I can't wait to be able to buy clothes!

Miss Anything? Not having to belch constantly after I eat. 

Cravings: None.

Symptoms: OhmyGod. I have been hungry every 2-3 hours. And not like eat a snack hungry. HUNGRY like I need to eat 5 full meals a day hungry. I guess this is when I start packing on the pounds!

Looking forward to: My appointment next week! I can't wait to hear baby's heart beat again! Music to my ears<3

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

13 weeks



How far along? 13  weeks +  2 days

Baby is the size of a: Kiwi

Total weight gain: Still down 2-3 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight

Maternity clothes? Only a few pairs of pants/jeans. 

Sleep: Ehh. Been waking up multiple times a night with a back ache. Seriously ordering the Snoogle pillow tonight. 

Best moment this week: Spent the weekend with my sister and had such a good time with her. :)

Miss Anything? A good nights rest. 

Cravings: Not really any cravings, but lately if I see something yummy or think of something yummy  I get this sudden "oh my God I need to eat that now." 

Symptoms: It seems like my nausea has subsided! Not sure if it's from the medicine my doc gave me or due to starting the 2nd trimester (or both!) but it makes me happy. Speaking of happy... dang I have been some moody this week! Sorry Larry! Indigestion is going strong still. I've only felt bad after a few meals I've ate (rather than all). Oh and my belly and boobies have been itching- so lets hope this belly gets to growing soon!