Wednesday, July 29, 2015

17 weeks


How far along? 17  weeks +  2 days

Baby is the size of a: Navel Orange (and I'm coincidentally wearing orange this week! haha!)

Total weight gain: Not sure!

Maternity clothes? Mainly just bottoms, but I did wear a maternity tank that my mom got me and it accentuated the bump nicely might I say. :)

Sleep: Not too bad!

Best moment this week: Shopping for baby girl! I went to a kids consignment store and found her 6 little outfits for only $13! I went back there today and got some headbands for 50 and 75 cents each. Good thing I'm a bargain shopper or we'd be going broke over this girl!

Miss Anything? Nope.

Cravings: None still!

Symptoms: Same ole same ole. Not much new happening with my body this week. 

Looking forward to: Planning my baby showers!

Ps. Remember my last week's "looking forward to" was finding out baby's gender?! Now you all see that I was saying that to throw y'all off hahah.

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