Tuesday, August 19, 2014

and the waiting game continues

I've procrastinated writing this post for far too long....

On July 7th, we woke up super early to go to Houston. Our consult with Larry's urologist wasn't schudeled until 3 pm that day, so Larry went ahead and scheduled a CF appointment for that morning since we'd already be in town. The drive was good and went by smooth (aka no crazy traffic). We got Larry's CF appointment time wrong (we were over an hour early), so we had to wait well over an hour to see his doctor. We told his doctors and nurses that we'd be going to the urologist for Larry's MESA procedure the next day, and everyone was so excited for us. It's so great to have support from so many people!

Since we planned on having Larry's surgery the next day, we rented a hotel room so we didn't have to drive back and forth. So, in between appointments we had lunch with Larry's sister and granny, and then we hung out at the hotel. I took a short and sweet nap! We got to the urologist's office right at 3 and there was a "45 minute wait." Well that 45 minutes turned into an hour and a half. Once we finally went to the back we saw the nurse first, and he had no idea that we would need Larry's surgery to be the next day.... ummm what? He said that they could check the schedule and see, but there were no guarantees. The doctor comes in... is in there for literally FIVE MINUTES and sends us to the financial lady.

We were in the finace lady's office for a grand total of 2 hours. It was the most annoying thing ever. Pretty much, we sat there while she calls Larry's insurance to make sure that they cover this procedure (something we already made sure of multiple times). They confirmed with her that they cover it, but they needed a "pre-cert." Once this pre-cert would be requested by the doctor, it could take up to a week to be approved. So, needless to say, this surgery wasn't happening the next day like we planned. Plus, the soonest the doctor had open for the surgery was the end of the month. We didn't schedule it that day because you get charged if you cancel, and we didn't want to chance the insurance company changing their mind and not sending a pre-cert. Also because Larry has to request off of work over a month in advance.

Bummed as can be, we headed back home. It just felt like yet again just when we thought we'd be starting the process to have a baby, it's pushed back. We were definitely sad, but we didn't let it take over us for too long. We know that God has a plan for us, and that even though we thought that starting an IVF cycle in October was a great plan, God's plan is even better. His timing is perfect.

(This picture has nothing to do with this blog post, but I like when posts have pictures, so here is a picture of us on our 1 year wedding anniversary, July 20th!  See, shouldn't these two good lookin' people bring a good lookin' baby into the world? ;)

Another curve ball we got that week- I was reading in my IVF packet from my doctor one night and came across something that said we had to have a consult with a financial coordinator before starting anything. I called the office to schedule one and she told me that she would just put together a packet for me that listed everything covered/not covered by insurance and what exactly we'd owe out of pocket. She asked if we'd need any information on financial assistance like a loan, and I told her, no because my insurance covers 80% of IVF. She seemed shocked when I told her, but said she'd call and verify with them and then put my packet together and email it to me.

Less than an hour later she calls me back. My insurance doesn't cover 80% of IVF, only IUI.... wow. just wow. The representative I spoke with back in January gave me the wrong information! It's a good thing we didn't proceed with anything yet! So yet ANOTHER set back. I cried. Again. I'm so awful at this whole waiting thing. Once I figure out that I want something, I want it asap. That's what's crazy about this whole situation. All this time, I thought we'd be able to plan when we have our kids, but I was way wrong. I guess I needed to be reminded that God's got this. It's His plan and not ours.

Anyways, Larry called his insurance and confirmed with them MULTIPLE times that they do indeed cover IVF at 80%. So, the plan is when we renew our health insurance at the end of the year, I will be on Larry's insurance so that it'll be covered. Now, we're looking forward to January to hopefully, actually get the ball rolling, so that we can have our own little one! Praying for patience....