Saturday, February 7, 2015

stims: days 5-8

(yepp, I bought princess band-aids just for this!)

These last few days have gone by so quickly! 

I've had monitoring appointments (blood work, ultrasound, and met with the nurse) the last 3 days. It's so cool to see my little follicles growing more each day! Dr. Storment said that everything looks great and he thanked me for making his job easy. Today we finalized the plan for my egg retrieval on Monday, one day early! I was really hoping it would be early too. Anything to get me closer to that positive pregnancy test! 

Tonight I only have 1 shot to take- my HCG trigger shot. What the trigger shot does is assists my follicles in maturing and releasing my mature eggs from the follicles. Larry has to give me the shot at 9:30 on the dot. 

I've been so at ease and relaxed throughout this whole process. I just feel so blessed that we are able to do this. I know all of it will be so worth it. God is so so good

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  1. Hi Danielle!
    I love your post and your openness. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a year now so I know how that feels. My fingers are crossed for you and I will keep you in my prayers. God is so good!