Tuesday, February 10, 2015

egg retrieval

(crappy lighting thanks to the bright light behind my bed)

Yesterday was my egg retrieval! We started the day super early, heading to the hospital at 5:45 am. It takes an hour and a half to get there and we had to be there for 7:30. Once I got to my room I changed into my gown and they right away for me started with an IV. Unfortunately the nurse blew two of my veins on my left hand and couldn't get it in. Thankfully she used lidocaine each time or YOUCH that would've hurt. The nurse anesthetist had to come in and put the IV in on my right hand, and thank God she got it on the first try. 

After that it was really funny. The nurse walked over to Larry and started asking him for his name, date of birth, and what meds he takes. We were both slightly confused for a second, then the nurse asked him if he was ready to give his sample. Larry was like, "....my sample?!" I laughed and told the nurse he had to have surgery to get his sample. Then Larry understood what she was taking about then and said, "ohhhh yeah, my sample is frozen!" Too funny!

We waited in the room about an hour before they rolled me back into the operating room. Once I was there, they gave me anesthesia and put me into what they called a "twilight zone." It seemed like just 5 minutes later and I woke up back in my room. Larry, my mom, and my sister were there for support. The procedure itself only took about 30 minutes, and I woke up 10 minutes after that. I really wasn't in too much pain right after, but I did feel like I had to pee really bad. Larry and the nurse helped me to the bathroom, and nope, false alarm. I got back into the hospital bed and chowed down on some cheezi ts and teddy grams that the nurse brought me. I was starving since I had to fast! I don't like having to miss breakfast! The nurse told me I had to pee before I left. So, I downed my water and got up and tried it again. It took Larry turning on the sink for me to go! Haha. 

Then, mom went to get me a CC's king cake latte (decaf of course), and Larry went to get the car. I had to sit a certain way in the car and couldn't really move much because of the pain. We stopped at Ground Pati on the way home and got burgers to go. I told y'all I was starving! 

Once we got home, I ate, and then napped for the rest of the day with the heating pad on and off. I mainly just felt really uncomfortable. 

Then last night we started my progesterone shots. It's a longer needle than the stim shots, and it's given IM (intramuscular or in my hip/butt). My mother in law is a nurse, so we let her give me the shot since Larry was nervous about the longer needle and able hitting a nerve. The shot itself didn't hurt, but I could definitely feel the medicine going in since it's a thick oil. 

Oh and I forgot to mention the best news- they retrieved 15 eggs!

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  1. Praise God for this next step in your process! I hope you are feeling well today. Prayers for peace for you and Larry for the next few days and weeks ahead.