Monday, February 23, 2015


I'm not sure where to even begin. The last 9 days have been the longest 9 days of my life. All I could think about all week at work were my 2 little embryos implanting. Well today we found out that neither of them implanted. Just writing that brings more tears to my eyes. We are heartbroken.

My doctor himself called me just 40 minutes after we left the office this morning after having my blood drawn. He said that there was no reason for them not implanting because the embryos were excellent grade, it was just bad luck. He said to stop taking the progesterone injections and the estrace pills and I should get my period soon. Once I start my period I can call them to let them know so we can start the process for a frozen embryo transfer (FET). I'm actually going to call tomorrow to find out what the protocol is for a FET.

We shed lots of tears about it this morning, but we believe that this just wasn't in God's timing for us. Even when it's hard to understand, His plan is always greater than our own. We thought our plan was pretty great, so if God's is greater, then I have can't even imagine how amazing it'll be. We're trying our best to stay positive.

I have to say that this whole first IVF cycle has been so positive and great. I've had zero complaints throughout it all (Larry can attest to that too). The shots didn't bother me at all. I didn't really have any symptoms or reactions to the medicines. I didn't mind driving an hour and a half to doctor's appointments. The transfer and the egg retrieval were both painless. I've actually enjoyed all of it and wouldn't change any of it. It has even brought Larry and I closer together.

We ask that you would pray for peace for us and that our next IVF cycle would be successful so that we can become parents and give all the glory to God.


  1. So sorry to read this post. I can't imagine what you guys must be feeling. I pray for you and Larry for peace, for patience and for strength. Lean on Him and lean on each other.

  2. We are 25 and 26 have gone through one ivf cycle that failed and our second was cancelled. If you need someone to talk to feel free to email me (: