Friday, January 30, 2015

stims: day 1

We had an early start this morning! We left the house at 7:30 for my 9:00 baseline appointment. I got my blood drawn (I'm sure I'll be a pro at it after the next few weeks) and an ultrasound done. After that my nurse taught us how to do the shots. It didn't seem too hard and the needles are actually pretty small! 

When it came time for my shots tonight, I was so ready. Or was I... I was smiling yet about to cry! So many mixed emotions! Larry was ready to give the shots though. I think he enjoyed it haha. Larry practiced acting like he was going to administer the shot and my stomach started shivering! It was so funny. So as he was about to stick me with the shot for real, I was almost in tears. Then he stuck me and... I giggled!! It hurt so little that it was funny to me I guess! The second shot was the menopur, and it didn't hurt either, but it did burn a little. Seems normal to burn though since it was mixed with saline. 

I'm so happy our first night went smoothly! So smoothly that I'm thinking Larry must have went into the wrong field because he's already to give me more shots! :P

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