Tuesday, January 6, 2015

started BCP and our IVF calendar

I think it's about time to write an update! On December 5th I started my period. Right away, I called my RE's (Reproductive Endocrinologist) office to schedule my blood work. That Monday,  I went in to my appointment, got my blood drawn (and a lot of it I might add!), gave a urine sample, and the most exciting part- wrote up our IVF calendar with the nurse! It was finally feeling real. We officially, unofficially have an egg retrieval and a embryo transfer date! I say unofficially because it all just depends on my ovaries and if they are reacting on cue to the meds.

So here's how the schedule goes...

  • December 8th- Started birth control pills. I will be on BCP until January 27th.
  • Jan 5th- USI/Mock transfer
  • Jan 7th- Appointment to sign some consents with the RE's office's attorney
  • January 30th- Stims start
  • Feb 10th- Egg retrieval
  • Feb 15th- Embryo Transfer!!

I'm so anxious to start stims. It seems odd that I'd be excited to start getting poked with a needle multiple times a day, but I'm just ready to start everything. With Christmas and all the wedding festivities for my friend's wedding I was in this past Saturday, the past month has flown by! Now I have less than another month of waiting. I don't have much on my calendar for this month, but hopefully I can find some stuff to do to keep myself busy. I'm such an impatient person!!

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  1. Hi, I'm an infertility veteran now mom of 5 (1 through marriage, 3 through adoption and 1 bio) so I feel your enthusiasm and know the excitement to get started. I pray all goes well. Keep your faith up and stay focused on being at peace. Found your post from the link up at The Amateur Nester. Happy Sunday!