Wednesday, December 9, 2015

what's in a name?

Grace: The unmerited, undeserving favor of God

The story of Grace's name starts out pretty funny... when Larry and I first started dating, he liked the name Grace for a girl. I, however, could only think of Grace from The Secret Life of the American Teenager, the annoying little Christian girl. It was not a name I ever thought I'd name my little girl, maybe for a middle name, but definitely not a first name. 

As our engagement came and talk about children and how we'd be able to conceive, we talked more about baby names. Larry still loved the name Grace. He felt that God placed it on his heart to have a girl named Grace. For a while, I was still pretty against it. But one day, we went to a special service at church where John Bevere preached. It was all about how by God's grace, we can do anything. That was the point where Larry and I agreed, if it was by God's grace that we could have a child, we would name her Grace (well if it was girl). 

When we found out we were expecting, Grace was of course our first name on the list. Many people tried to change our minds, tried to give us names to go with Grace as a middle name, but we weren't budging. This was our Grace from the start and we knew it. I'm glad we stuck with it too, because I just feel like her name was meant to be for her. And even though she's not here yet, I can already tell it suits her.