Tuesday, December 8, 2015

36 weeks


Helllloooooo month 9!!

How far along?  36 weeks + 1 day

Baby is the size of a: Like I said  2 weeks ago, at this point, she's the size of a baby. Now my belly? It's about the size of a watermelon!

Total weight gain: As of last week, 25 lbs. 

Sleep: It's been pretty bad the last 2 weeks. I have a really hard time getting comfortable to fall asleep and then it's super hard to roll over and switch sides to sleep on throughout the night. On a positive note- I slept amazing last night!!

Movement: The belly is starting to look super crazy as she moves around! Lately I've been getting hard kicks to my right ribs.

Symptoms: Hormonal. Tired. Uncomfortable. My feet hurt if I walk for more than 10 minutes lol. Pregnancy is beginning to be exhausting at this point! This isn't a symptom but I don't know where else to put it but OMG the belly button is OUT. And I hate it. I want it back in! It creeps me out so bad. 

Nursery: It's DONE! Finished. Complete. My mom came in town this weekend and forced me to have the room finished, and believe it or not, we did it! I can't wait to share pictures! I'm just waiting on the crib skirt to come in the mail. That's all it needs. 

Thoughts: I feel like I'm ready. Ready to be a mommy. Ready to hold the most amazing gift I've ever received. Ready to kiss her and snuggle her. Just one more month until our lives are forever changed!

Looking forward to: My last ultrasound next week! We will see how big Grace is and have an estimated birth weight. :)

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