Thursday, June 11, 2015

10 weeks


How far along? 10  weeks + 3 days

Baby is the size of a: Date (I have no idea what that is to be honest)

Total weight gain: Still down 4-5 lbs. 

Maternity clothes? I actually went to Old Navy today to look for some maternity pants for work or some jeans. No luck, but I did get some maternity shorts!

Sleep: I had a couple bad nights of sleep this week, but I've still been sleeping good for the most part. 

Best moment this week: I had an awesome, realistic dream about being in the hospital holding baby. SHE was absolutely beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to find out if my dream is true and baby really is a girl.

Miss Anything? Still missing my appetite. 

Cravings: ICEEs! I had 3 last week and 2 so far this week. 

Symptoms: The nausea has calmed down a lot THANK GOD. Food still hasn't been appetizing. Heartburn is little worse this week. Indigestion is constant. I can't eat anything that I don't want to belch up for the rest of the day. And this week the tiredness is back. Baby must be growing a lot this week!

Looking forward to: My first appointment with my OBGYN in less than 2 weeks!

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  1. The first trimester with my daughter was nonstop nausea! I was told to try peppermints or oyster crackers to stave it off. The crackers helped a bit.
    Ask your OB for a good prenatal vitamin with iron. I'm always borderline anemic anyway, and being pregnant made me so tired and weak, I could barely function.
    Also, make sure you drink lots of water! I got severely dehydrated with my son, even though I thought I was drinking plenty, but was making glasses of water, taking a sip, and getting busy and discarding them for a new one, counting those sips as whole glasses (mommy brain + stressful job = derp! lol)
    Are you getting an ultrasound at your appointment? Seeing the baby, you don't think it'll make it any more "real", but it totally does! Hearing the heartbeat is one of those things I can still hear in my mind, and my babies are 8 and 10! Oh, and you'll start feeling those little kicks soon! My girl kicked early, my boy, much later, but I think that's just their personalities, either way, it was awesome! My girl loved to play peekaboo at home (I'd sit by a lamp and raise my shirt every time she moved, and she'd freeze until I lowered it again. We'd spend hours doing this <3 )
    Can you tell I'm excited for you? :D