Thursday, June 25, 2015

baby update - 12 weeks

Tuesday I had my first appointment with my OB-GYN and it went great! I wasn't sure if I'd get an ultrasound since I had one at 8 weeks, but I did! Right when we started the ultrasound, baby started flailing his/her arms up and down. It was the coolest thing ever! Larry and I couldn't believe baby could move so much already. I read that even though I couldn't feel it, baby was beginning to move, but I guess I didn't expect him/her to move that much! I think he/she is going to be a dancer like mama!

The doctor said that everything looks great and baby is measuring right on track. He sees no chance of a high risk pregnancy, which is such a relief. I'm so excited to watch and feel baby grow. At the next ultrasound in 2 months we will be able to determine baby's gender! What do you think baby Wallace is??

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