Monday, November 9, 2015

31/32 weeks


I forgot to post last week so here's a two-fer! I may add a 32 week photo later on in the week.

How far along?  32 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Winter squash 

Total weight gain: At my 30 week apt, I reached the 20 lb mark! :O I haven't gotten on the scale since haha.

Sleep: Not too bad actually.

Movement? I've figured out that she really likes music with a lot of bass! That's when she starts kicking a lot! I'm starting to feel her move almost all day long now. I think that's something I'll miss once she's born!

Symptoms: Heartburn is pretty much an everyday thing now. Normally comes after lunch and occasionally after dinner. It's really not bad heartburn though, thankfully. Just enough to annoy me. 

Cravings: Nada. 

Nursery: Ooooooh it's finally coming together and I'm loving it! Last weekend mom and started on Grace's quilt and then this past weekend I finished it! I'm so proud of us for getting it done so quickly and not procrastinating. Not to mention, it's absolutely perfect. Also this past weekend, I made a fabric banner for her room with scrap fabric from the quilt. Which by the way, I never want to cut a strip of fabric again ever. Here's a sneak peek of the banner:

Best Moment This Week: (31 weeks) Our 3D ultrasound! I'll post about it later on in the week. :)

Thoughts: Ever since the beginning of my pregnancy, everyone (including strangers) has commented on how small my baby bump is. I would get a lot of "oh she's gonna be tiny!" I know most pregnant women would love to hear how small they are rather than how big, but it's actually been driving me crazy. My doc has said that my size and weight gain have been perfect from the start. Anyways, I thought that by how big I am now, people would stop commenting on how "small" I am, but nope, I've already heard it once last week and once today. 

Looking forward to: My second baby shower this Sunday!!

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  1. I SO feel you! I remember getting my oil changed, and the girl at the front desk saying "Awwww, when are you due?" and I said "Any minute!" and she went "No way, you only look like you're six months pregnant. How much weight have you gained? Is your baby measuring small? You know you're supposed to gain weight, right? When's your due date really?" In this weird judging sort of voice. Seriously. I didn't know what to say! It kind of made me mad, because really. Lo and behold, three days later I had ze bebe, and he was 7 lbs 1 oz. People think it's a compliment, but really, y'all had just better stick to "How exciting!" and not comment on how big or small you are.