Thursday, October 22, 2015

29 weeks

How far along?  29 weeks + 3 days 

Baby is the size of a: Winter squash - about 2.5 lbs and 15 inches long!

Total weight gain: About 15/16 lbs

Sleep: Better than last week!

Movement? She's super active! Last Friday evening Larry and I went to Performance Evolution to watch his buddies spar. The music was loud and at one point I totally felt her moving and kicking to the beat! Then a slower song came on and she was moving around slowly. I SWEAR she's going to be a dancer like her mama. :) 

Miss anything? Not feeling like I have to pee constantly and being able to bend over. 

Symptoms: Aches and pains here and there. Lately my knees have been hurting. I'm guessing they aren't used to all this extra weight! Peeing excessively. 

Cravings: Still none, but man have I had a crazy sweet tooth lately! I feel like I need some sort of cookie, cake, cupcake, etc every day! Oh and apparently expecting daddies can have cravings too. Larry has been craving steak for 2 weeks now, and he finally got his fix last night when we went eat at The Harlequin.

Nursery: Nothing new this week. 

Best Moment This Week: Saturday we attended a child birth class at the hospital! It was actually really interesting and both of us enjoyed it, and we learned a lot. Larry said he mainly learned how to support me during labor, which is amazing because I'm sure I will require a lot of support! Also, I got lots of massages from him when we had to go through the labor stations. 

Thoughts: Now that I am showing and this baby bump is beyond noticeable, more people talk to me about it, and I have to say that I kinda love the attention! I love getting to talk about our baby girl every chance I get. Last night at Walgreen's the cashier looked at my bump and said "awwww!"

Looking forward to: Not this Saturday, but the next (on Halloween!) we have our 3D ultrasound!! It feels like it's been forever since we've had an ultrasound, so I'm suuuuuper excited to see how our girl has progressed. And I can't wait to see her little features and guess who she'll look like!

Also, last week I had an appointment with my OBGYN. He said my weight gain is still perfect, but I could afford to eat a few snikers bars. Hahah. Maybe THAT'S why I've been having such a sweet tooth! It was doctor's orders. ;) From now on, I have appointments every 2 weeks instead of once a month. I can't believe we're getting so close to meeting Grace!

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