Wednesday, April 29, 2015

the good news

Where do I even begin?? ... oh yeah... it worked! We're having a baby!!!

I'm still in awe, and it still doesn't feel real. I guess it'll all set in once we're able to see our baby(ies) on an ultrasound in a few weeks.

I can't get over how good God is. It is all because of Him that we will be having a baby. HE is the one who gets ALL of the glory. We can't wait to have this baby and all our future babies and dedicate them back to Him. We can't wait to tell them about God's love and goodness. Just amazing.

The 10 days leading up to the test yesterday have been such an emotional roller-coaster. I really tried not to get my hopes up too much because I was scared of everything being taken away from me if it didn't work again. But then again, I didn't want to doubt it all. I was seriously a mess. Kudos to Larry for putting up with me through such a crazy time!

This past weekend my bff, Kaylee, and her husband Josh came visit us. We had a wonderful weekend, and it really helped to sort of get my mind off of stressing about whether the babies implanted or not.

Monday felt like the longest day ever. But I kept telling myself, you only have to wake up one more time until you know. Tuesday finally came and I woke up at 2 a.m. I couldn't fall back asleep fully because I kept dreaming out the results and every scenario in the book. I pretty much felt like I didn't go back to sleep. I went to work until 12 and Larry picked me up to go to my appointment to have my blood drawn.

As we were pulling in, Larry says, "time to give the vampires what they want!" Hilarious. I've given blood so many times this year, it's insane. The last couple times I barely even felt the needle. This time there was a different nurse who drew my blood, and it actually hurt a little though. I told Larry that hopefully it would be all worth it. She told us it would be an hour-hour and a half tops for them to call and tell me the results. The whole way home I watched the clock.

We reached Lake Charles and still no call, so we ran an errand before picking up Larry's car because we wanted to be together when we got the call. But still no call. We went get Larry's car from my work, and I had him take my cell phone in case they called because I didn't want to get the news again this time if it was bad. We got home. Still no call. It had been over 2 hours at this point!

Finally, the phone rings... I answer it and put it on speaker. It was Dr. Storment himself again. My heart sank. I looked at Larry and I was so scared it was him calling again to tell us it didn't work again . But he didn't. This time he gave the good news! It was amazing. I cried tears of joy and gave Larry the biggest hug and kiss. Prayers finally answered!

The first person I told was my mom. I face-timed her to tell her she was going to be a mawmaw! She cried of couse. ;) Larry's first person he told was his mom also. We then both called the rest of the family to tell them the good news.


  1. Praise God! He is so good! I have been waiting for you to update with the post that says this! How amazing! I hope you are feeling well! Congrats to you both!

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm Very happy for you two! God is GOOD!

  3. Oh my gosh Danielle!!! Congratulations on the successful pregnancy!! I am SO SO SO EXCITED for you and Larry!! I haven't checked this blog for a few months so I'm a bit behind on what has happened since Larry's surger. You know what got me excited? You pinned something about 2nd trimester favorites and I saw it as I was scrolling my feed. I about had a heart attack and I clicked on your baby board to see if there was any indication you were pregnant but hadn't announced it yet. I couldn't remember the exact URL so I scrolled through all my blog post comments until I found a comment from you which is how I found this blog before. For some reason, it wasn't linked so I did a Google search of "by god's grace blog danielle wallace" and sure enough it came up. Good timing too since you just posted this!! I'll stop blabbering. I just wanted to say congratulations and I'm so happy and excited for you. Will you be posting updates on Goodwillista or on here to follow along? I'll make sure to keep up with your journey if you want to share it! Oh and hey, you know how to save money on maternity clothes by shopping at Goodwill! I bet you'll dress up your bump adorably!

    1. I went through and caught up on all your posts. With how much you two have been through, I could not be more grateful for the positive test results!! Do you know yet if one or both of the embryos will become babies?

  4. So, so, so excited for you and Larry, girl! :) Congratulations!!