Wednesday, April 22, 2015

frozen embryo transfer

Saturday we transferred 2 (of 5) of our frozen embryos! 

This time we got to sleep in before the transfer because we didn't have to be there until 11:30. My doctor had a total of 6 transfers that morning and we were 2nd to last. I had to show up with a full bladder, and honestly that's the toughest part of the transfer! That's how easy it all is. We waiting in the waiting room for 30 minutes. Then once we got into a room, it was all quick from there. Dr. Storment came in brought us the photo of our embryos and told us they were grade 1 (the best chance for a pregnancy). I was so so happy that they both survived the thaw and were still perfect! Right after that, they gave me some Valium and took us straight back for the procedure. 

The procedure went nice and easy just like last time. I still think it's so cool that Larry and I both get to watch the ultrasound and see the embryos get dropped into my uterus. No matter how many times we have to do this, that will never get old. The procedure took less than 10 minutes. 

After, I had to lay flat for 15 minutes and then we could leave. I stayed on bed couch rest until Monday night. Couch rest may sound fun, but I promise it's not. I like to clean my house on the weekends, and that's all I wanted to do was get up and clean- but I couldn't!

Only 6 more days until we go back in for the pregnancy test! I'm SO impatient, I just want to know now. I'm just praying with everything I have that God blesses us with these two beautiful babies. I can't wait to be a mommy and I'd give anything in the world to become one. 

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