Tuesday, July 1, 2014

our 2nd consult

We decided to see a different fertility doctor because we researched the success rates for both docs and this one had a better male factor infertility success rate. Plus, this one has an office in town and an office only an hour away. The other was 2.5 hours away in Baton Rouge. So, it turned out to be a win-win  situation.

We had our consult with Dr. Storment on May 14th. I was much better prepared for this appointment. I had a much longer, detailed list of questions this time. Plus, I had done a lot more research by then.  Larry and I already had a good understanding of everything from our first consult with the other doctor, so this time we were able to get into a little more detail of things. We also took my mother in law with us since she is a nurse and she always had good questions to ask.

Our next steps after the consult were to make Larry's appointment with the urologist for his consult and MESA/TESE procedure and make the geneticist appointment.

I called the day after our consult to make the appointment with the urologist and the soonest we could get was July 7th. At first I was bummed that we would have to wait so long for the appointment and it would push everything back 2 months longer, but I just had to remind myself that I can't be such a control freak with all of this. I just have to sit back and let God take control and allow His plan to play out.

I also found out when I scheduled the urologist appointment that what they usually do is have the consult appointment and then the doctor will schedule the MESA/TESE surgery for the next day. So we are just a week away from the process beginning! I am so excited yet so nervous at the same time. We are praying hard that everything goes well, and we are asking for your prayers too! :D


  1. Keeping you both in my prayers for everything to go well!!

  2. Wishing you all the luck in the world (& saying a little prayer for you) x

  3. My husband has surgical sperm retrieval - called PESA here in the UK. There's a post on my blog about it if you fancy a read on the IVF page. I hope everything goes ok, will be keeping you in my prayers. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

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  5. Best of luck! :)



  6. I know a few couples that have gone through this process. All things are possible so keep on believing. I hope it goes well for you. #binkylinky

  7. Danielle, I had no idea you were going through all this! I just happened to pull up your blogger account and see this second blog. It sounds like you've been through a lot already but that things are starting to look up. I will keep you and Larry in my thoughts!

    So you said you were excited for things to begin. Is the fertility treatment happening soon then? How long until you know if you're pregnant and the baby will carry to full term? It's usually during the second trimester that you can say with almost certainty that you will be having a baby right? I really have no idea haha

    I wish you and Larry the very best in conceiving!